Staff Meeting CPD

Often, staff meetings will be as much about education as administrative issues. Enhanced CPD Pro gives you a quick and easy way to capture the educational elements and ensure that all of the staff get their PDPs updated automatically.

CPD QR Codes

Anytime before the meeting starts, just log into your dashboard, add a few details about the meeting and generate a CPD QR code. You can add learning objectives, notes, action items and even supporting documents.

After the meeting, staff simply scan the code with their phones.

All of the details, notes etc that you added will be synced to their CPD logs and PDPs. They'll even get a certificate for verified CPD.

You can do the same for any in-house training and "lunch n learns" and make sure that important details about staff training are captured accurately.

Everyone's CPD logs and PDPs are updated and so are your staff appraisal documents - automatically and instantly.

Here's a selection of resources we used to research and develop this feature within the app

I've just been audited for my CPD and I have to say, your app has just saved me.

Everything that I logged was all there ready to print off with a few clicks of a button. Brilliant!

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