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Digital PDP

Straight forward career planning

Your PDP, Hassle Free

Big, small, short-term, long-term, we've all got plans in our heads. Until they get forgotten. Or cross that invisible line and become daydreams and, ultimately, lost opportunities.

You probably already know that you're supposed to use a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to plan out your CPD. Great advice, for sure, but PDP templates are pretty uninspiring and it can get painful staring at blank boxes trying to think of what to write!

So we've reimagined the PDP to fit into your life, help you to do things your way and then actually help you to keep on track with the plans you've made.

Any student who has ever been involved in a pub-crawl will be familiar with the three main elements of PDP, which are: planning to do something, doing something, and reflecting on what you have done. They will also realise how important it is at each stage to have the support of someone you trust.

  • Your phone is always with you, and ideas may come to you at anytime. So why not tap them into you PDP there and then? The sooner they're out of your head, the closer you are to making them reality.
  • As you build your plan, one goal at a time, your PDP can start to make suggestions on next steps. Perhaps a course recommendation, or maybe an introduction to a mentor via dentaChat.
  • Whenever you do anything that you think is related to any of your goals, your PDP will automatically keep score and let you know how you're doing. If you start falling behind, it'll give you a gentle nudge. And if your priorities start to change, you can update your goals to keep your PDP relevant

Artificial Intelligence built-in

PDPs can be hard to get started. What's the first thing you should add?

Your digital PDP uses artificial intelligence to help - by analysing your previous CPD, your current roles and responsibilities, and your scope of practice. Creating your first PDP is literally as easy as pressing 1 button!

Here's a selection of resources we used to research and develop this feature within the app:

I've just been audited for my CPD and I have to say, your app has just saved me.

Everything that I logged was all there ready to print off with a few clicks of a button. Brilliant!

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