Automatic PDP Links

The GDC expects you to follow a 4-step process with your CPD:

  1. Plan
  2. Do
  3. Reflect
  4. Record

It makes a lot of sense but it can get messy and burdensome as your goals increase, and you do more and more CPD, unless you've got an easy way to link everything that you 'do', 'reflect' and 'record'' to everything you 'plan' and vice versa.

We thought about this a lot and came up with a way to handle things automatically for you. This leaves you to make your plans, do your CPD and reflect on what you've learned. The app handles recording it all and making sure that everything is linked properly.

It means that you can check your PDP at any time and see exactly where you are.

And it means that you'll be fully prepared for an appraisal or audit without having to trawl through your records to prove that you've made progress on or completed your plans.

Everything will be automatically organised and ready for you to send.

I've just been audited for my CPD and I have to say, your app has just saved me.

Everything that I logged was all there ready to print off with a few clicks of a button. Brilliant!

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