Automated Outcome Measurement

Enhanced CPD Pro is the only non-Deanery CPD provider in the United Kingdom designed systemically to meet the COPDEND quality criteria for Dental CPD.

This means that every course on the platform meets the Expected Standard as defined by COPDEND and certain courses meet the requirements of Enhanced Provision.

What does this mean for you?

When you submit your course on Enhanced CPD Pro, and it passes our quality control process, you will automatically benefit from our COPDEND Framework status. At the very least, it will be designated as meeting the Expected Standard of Provision and may qualify at the Enhanced Level.

This automatically increases the value of your course; as the focus of the dental CPD market shifts towards an expectation of high quality those courses which are unable to meet the standards set out by COPDEND will likely fail in the market.

The next step

Register on the platform as an instructor and submit your first course. It's that simple.

Thanks to the efforts of COPDEND and its extensive Quality Assurance Framework, there will now be 2 types of CPD provider - those which meet the standards and those which do not

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Here's a selection of resources we used to research and develop features within the app to meet and exceed the criteria set out in the quality assurance framework.

I've just been audited for my CPD and I have to say, your app has just saved me.

Everything that I logged was all there ready to print off with a few clicks of a button. Brilliant!

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