Automated Outcome Measurement

CPD is expensive, even when it's 'free', because it costs you time and attention.

If you give away your time and attention and don't get results which are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely then you're wasting your most precious resources.

Enhanced CPD Pro has outcome measurement built-in and it's used at every stage to ensure that you're able to make better decisions about where to spend your time, attention (and, sometimes, money).

  • When you make plans

    In your PDP and/or Appraisal, your plans will be largely based on outcomes that you want to achieve. So your PDP will search for courses and colleagues who can help with those specific outcomes.

  • When you log any learning

    You'll also be able to log immediate thoughts on how the activity will impact your practice. The app will follow this up with you automatically after a period of time - to find out what the real outcomes were. This is fed back to your PDP automatically.

  • When you look back

    The app creates easy-to-understand reports and charts of your plans, activities and outcomes. All of the data-processing is done automatically and presented to you in ways that you'll only need to glance form time to time.

Some activities will end up giving you better value than others and the app will help you to choose better each time.

But with Enhanced CPD Pro, you can do even more.

The app gives you a quick and easy way to log any outcome throughout your week and link it back to any of your CPD records and your PDP - automatically.

  • Log a procedure that you learnt about and we'll connect it to that CPD.
  • Get some feedback from a patient or colleague - if you think that something you learned lead to that feedback being given, it'll be mapped back to that CPD.

At the end of the year (or anytime in between) the app on your phone will tell you everything you need to know about your CPD - not just what the instructor said about outcomes, not just what you thought about likely outcomes straight afterwards, but real data on the actual outcomes you experienced.

And this all happens automatically with Enhanced CPD Pro.

Here's a selection of resources we used to research and develop this feature within the app

I've just been audited for my CPD and I have to say, your app has just saved me.

Everything that I logged was all there ready to print off with a few clicks of a button. Brilliant!

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