Enhanced CPD Pro: Layer 4

By Rajeev Shah

Posted on: 1st June 2018

What's the point of CPD?

The GDC says "we believe CPD makes a contribution to supporting registrants to maintain our Standards and to patient protection"

Sounds good in theory, but you're a real person and so are your patients. And it's the 21st century.

We think it's time to move away from 'beliefs' about CPD and to start using empirical evidence to ensure that the activities that you spend your precious time, attention and money on give you and your patients the results you want.


Layer 4: Measuring your outcomes is automatic and leads to practical results

CPD is expensive, even when it's 'free', because it costs you time and attention.

If you give away your time and attention and don't get results which are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely then you're wasting your most precious resources.

Enhanced CPD Pro has outcome measurement built-in and it's used at every stage to ensure that you're able to make better decisions about where to spend your time, attention (and, sometimes, money).

  • When you make plans

    In your PDP and/or Appraisal, your plans will be largely based on outcomes that you want to achieve. So your PDP will search for courses and colleagues who can help with those specific outcomes.

  • When you log any learning

    You'll also be able to log immediate thoughts on how the activity will impact your practice. Your digital assistant will follow this up with you automatically after a period of time - to find out what the real outcomes were. This is fed back to your PDP automatically.

  • When you look back

    Your digital assistant creates easy-to-understand reports and charts of your plans, activities and outcomes. All of the data-processing is done automatically and presented to you in ways that you'll only need to glance form time to time.

Some activities will end up giving you better value than others and the app will help you to choose better each time.

This has some profound implications!

Educators will, for the first time, have the ability to make and measure systematic improvements to their courses to increase their real-world positive impact. And if they don't make improvements, their courses will be superseded.

Over time, we'll be able to identify the training paths that lead to the most successful outcomes. Or, conversely, we can identify the training paths that are leading to problematic outcomes.

This is quality assurance on steroids!

What if all of the staff in your practice agreed to share their stats? Then you could look at the activities and outcomes of the most successful performers in your practice and use those as a model for junior staff to follow.

Enhanced CPD Pro is opening up a world of new possibilities and you are the pioneers who will shape things to come.

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