Enhanced CPD Pro: Layer 3

By Rajeev Shah

Posted on: 1st June 2018

Privacy, security, encryption are all extremely important - something we should all be able to take for granted. But we don't live in that world (yet) so we built this into Enhanced CPD Pro from the ground up using technology, a legally-binding privacy policy and the fundamental, public and respectful acknowledgement that...

This is your data, to use your way

Our job is just to help you collect, measure and make sense of it in ways that benefit you, your career and, ultimately, your patients.


Layer 3: It's your data

Enhanced CPD Pro makes it as easy for you to access and analyse your learning activity data as it does to record it in the first place. This is important for a number of reasons.

Quality Standards of CPD

Good educators are always looking for ways to assess the effectiveness of their instruction, address deficiencies and make improvements.

The only way to find areas for improvement is to understand how learners are engaging with the content and then applying the lessons in the real world.

Without understanding what's really happening, Instructors are blind to deficiencies. If you decide that you want to contribute to improvements in education, you can allow anonymous stats from your CPD Log to provide the information authors need to make informed decisions to improve instructional effectiveness.

The GDC makes feedback a mandatory requirement of Verified CPD anyway. Isn't it time this was used effectively to improve what you spend your time, attention and money on?

Easy Reporting

Since you can choose who to share your CPD activity with, reporting your hours to the GDC or providing your employer with evidence is no longer a time-consuming or energy-sapping experience. You can set up automatic syncs to your eGDC account, to your employer's or recruiter's dashboard and even to your LinkedIn profile to keep your online CV up-to-date!

You focus on your job and on your learning, let Enhanced CPD Pro manage the reporting in whatever ways work best for you.

Easy PDP, Seamless Appraisals

Everything you add to your CPD Log can be transferred automatically to your PDP and linked to relevant objectives. This applies to anything from your log - CPD, notes, outcomes measurements, feedback you've logged, procedures you've logged and any significant events together with your reflections.

Your digital assistant will give you up-to-date reports on where you are with your plans, and if you need help to get back on track, it'll give you gentle reminders and even make suggestions based on what colleagues are doing to address similar goals.

So when it comes to appraisal time, your past-year achievements will be crystal clear and you can spend your time looking ahead towards your next challenges.

Your most accurate CV

It's your CPD and it's your CPD Log. Everything that you learn is relevant to your career progression.

Could a record of your learning experiences be a more informative version of your experience than your current CV?

Could publishing your learning experiences help identify you as an expert in a particular field to be sought out for advice, questions or even jobs?

Would it bring you more referrals?

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