Enhanced CPD Pro: Layer 2

By Rajeev Shah

Posted on: 1st June 2018

The next requirement was that the system should adapt to your individual needs, not force you to do things a particular way just because it would suit us or our business model.

So we asked … what percentage of your learning experiences are delivered through formal instruction? Of that, what percentage come from online courses?

Turns out that it’s not much.

When you want to learn something, where do you go? Is it to your CPD provider in search of that perfect computer based training? No, of course not. You go to google, or to youtube, or to a colleague. Sometimes you might even sign up for a class or seminar.

Why then should we limit the educational experiences you can log to just formal e-learning courses?

Enhanced CPD Pro changes all of that.

Learning happens everywhere. Now you can log it quickly and easily no matter what format it happens to be. The fact that you are reading this page is a relevant learning experience. With Dental CPD Pro, you can log it.

So …

Layer 2: Log Any Learning Experience as CPD

  • Watching a dental webinar is a learning experience, with Dental CPD Pro, you can log it no matter what website it happens to be on
  • Attending a conference session is a learning experience, with Dental CPD Pro, you can log it, no matter where it's held or who organised it
  • Asking your social network for advice…
  • Being mentored by an expert…
  • Mentoring somebody else…
  • Your practice meeting...
  • Writing a blog post…
  • Going to class…
  • Reading a book…
  • So many things you do every day….are learning experiences.

With Enhanced CPD Pro, you can log them all.

Enhanced CPD Pro allows you to start forming a complete picture of your learning experiences.

It allows you to measure outcomes after learning so that you can make better decisions about what to spend your valuable time on.

The Enhanced CPD Pro digital assistant lets you enter information about anything that you've learned and record it to your CPD Log. A discussion, article, lecture, seminar, workshop...

It even has a book scanner which allows you to scan the barcode on a book you just read and record it as a learning experience.

There’s the LogMe button. It puts an “I Learned This” button in your browser toolbar for recording relevant learning events while you’re browsing the web.

There are a myriad of other ways you can passively capture information about your learning experiences.


  • A dental conference that automatically updates your CPD Log with the activities you attended and the certificates you earned
  • A dental forum or discussion board that updates your CPD Log based upon your activity on a relevant thread
  • A dental journal that updates your CPD Log based on the articles you read in it

These are just the start. We live in a world where digital systems are everywhere. These systems can all capture our learning experiences. (If we want them to, that is. Privacy and security are always the first priority).

There are a few key innovations built into Enhanced CPD Pro that make it possible to log and measure informal learning experiences:

  • It's up to you what you track and how you track it. With Enhanced CPD Pro, the latest Khan Academy video (or content on whatever your preferred educational website may be) can become a loggable learning event as soon as it is released.
  • The CPD you log doesn’t need to come from any particular CPD provider's system. With Enhanced CPD Pro, it doesn’t matter where or when you discover and begin a learning experience, it can all be logged. When you’re finished watching an insightful TED Talk, click on the LogMe button and your learning experience is instantly recorded.

Good stuff, right? Logging informal learning fills in a big piece of the puzzle.

General (or unverified) CPD has always been looked at as a poor relation to verified activities yet it's where most of the learning takes place for many people.

A detailed record of your learning experiences can be a huge predictor of your success going forward.

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