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Enhanced CPD Course

Cardiac Emergencies

  • Online Learning
  • Multi-choice quiz



CPD Topics covered

  • Medical Emergencies

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to provide the learner with an in-depth coverage cardiac emergencies within the dental practice

Anticipated Outcomes

Following the completion of this course, the learner will be able to recognise and respond to cardiac emergencies within the dental practice

Target Audience
  1. Practice Manager
  2. Orthodontic Therapist
  3. Trainee
  4. Dental Technician
  5. Dental Therapist
  6. Dentist
  7. Clinical Dental Technician
  8. DCP
  9. Dental Hygienist
  10. Dental Nurse
  11. Receptionist
High Level Learning Outcomes
  1. C – Maintenance in Field of Practice
Regulatory Standards
  1. SAFE
QCF Level
Level 3
  1. None

About the Instructor

Dr. Reshmi George

Verified Instructor


Educator at St. Gregorios Dental College


Educator at Mamata Medical College


  • Dental researcher and educator


Naveen Boorgula

8th Dec 2019

Very nice insight into cardiac emergencies aimed at early recognition and management’s 

Helen Chapman

28th Aug 2019

informative and useful

Jade Stibbs

23rd Aug 2019

no only was this incredibly useful but also very interesting too.  

Luke Gaeta

4th Jun 2019

Lost of detail, help maintain the knowledge and understanding. Good questions. Recommended read. 

Jessica Curant

4th Mar 2019

Excellent knowledge good to refresh 

Heather Latham

12th Jan 2019

I misunderstood a few questions initially but finally grasped the higher level questioning technique. this has updated my existing knowledge and understanding today

Moyra Wilkinson

30th Dec 2018

Basic useful revision of cardiac emergencies

John Turner

27th Dec 2018


Matthew Millican

20th Dec 2018

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