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Enhanced CPD Course

Putting Patients’ Interests First

  • Online Learning
  • Multi-choice quiz

1h 30m


CPD Topics covered

  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Disinfection and Decontamination
  • Radiography and Radiation Protection

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to teach the learner:

  • A general understanding of the types of safety controls set in motion (previously under various organisations) that now collectively fall under the DSPB.
  • The established framework that dental employees are to adhere to, in order to ensure patient safety and safeguarding practices.
  • How to implement specific protocols and policies as they affect workplace safety, decontamination/disinfection/sterilisation, infection control, and waste management within the dental office.
  • Audit techniques that are to be used against measuring existing office policies related to infection control, radiation, and information management.

Anticipated Outcomes

Following the completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Name 5 characteristics of dental services as defined by the KLOE.
  • List 8 types of waste found in the dental practice.
  • Explain the purpose of each of the 6 principles of safeguarding patients.
  • Conduct audits of the decontamination process and radiation protocols.
  • Describe the 4 four areas of focus under the CQC Regulation 12 guidelines on self care and treatment.
Target Audience
  1. Orthodontic Therapist
  2. Receptionist
  3. Trainee
  4. DCP
  5. Dental Hygienist
  6. Dental Nurse
  7. Dentist
  8. Clinical Dental Technician
  9. Dental Technician
  10. Dental Therapist
  11. Practice Manager
High Level Learning Outcomes
  1. D – Maintenance in Patient Confidence
Regulatory Standards
  1. SAFE
QCF Level
Level 3
  1. None

About the Instructor

Sharon Boyd

Verified Instructor


Amberton University, Dallas, TX

Bachelor of Science, Human Relations and Business


Tyler Junior College, Tyler, TX

Tyler Junior College, Tyler, TX — Associate of Applied Science, Dental Hygiene


  • 2001 - Associate of Applied Science, Dental Hygiene


Heather Lonergan

27th Mar 2020

Great general  refresher on Clinical guidance,health and safety, safeguarding and radiography.

Amanda Tucker

23rd Aug 2019

There was a lot to take in with different policies, legislation's and what each group require and expect. The multiple choices given could have been more challenging.

Martin Docking

8th Jul 2019


Deborah Marten

8th Aug 2018

very informative
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