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Enhanced CPD Course

The Enhanced CPD Scheme for Dental Professionals

  • Online Learning
  • Multi-choice quiz



CPD Topics covered

  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Career Planning
  • Computer Skills
  • Personal Organisation Skills

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to teach the learner:

  • About the regulatory context leading to the introduction of the Enhanced CPD scheme
  • The different approaches required when moving from an input to output focussed CPD environment
  • How to create and use a professional development plan
  • How to create reflective notes
  • How to recognise suitable CPD which meets Enhanced verified standards
  • How to keep compliant CPD records

Anticipated Outcomes

Following the completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Create a professional development plan
  • Log CPD in a way that is compliant with the Enhanced CPD scheme
  • Add CPD Reflections systematically
  • Measure the outcomes of CPD
  • Adopt a system to manage CPD in a way which always meets or exceeds the GDC's requirements
Target Audience
  1. Orthodontic Therapist
  2. Trainee
  3. Dental Technician
  4. Dental Therapist
  5. Dentist
  6. Practice Manager
  7. Clinical Dental Technician
  8. DCP
  9. Dental Hygienist
  10. Dental Nurse
  11. Receptionist
High Level Learning Outcomes
  1. C – Maintenance in Field of Practice
Regulatory Standards
QCF Level
Level 3
  1. None

About the Instructor

Glenys Bridges

Verified Instructor


Glenys Bridges Training and Development

Specialising in delivering training, business development and interpersonal skills, training for dentists, nurses, practice managers, receptionists, treatment coordinators and mentors.


  • Glenys Bridges Training and Development


Mark Barrow

30th Mar 2020

Explains in simple terms the need for CPD and how to plan and implement this to necessary GDC standards

Debora Ferguson

17th Sep 2019


Jade Stibbs

23rd Aug 2019

this was particularly helpful going into a new way of recording and using CPD 

Chelsea McCotter

26th Jul 2019


Inmati Rai

15th Jul 2019

Very helpful to me 

Kai King

15th Jul 2019

Very clear and methodical in its explanation!  Very useful. 

Jennifer Smallman

1st Jul 2019

Thoroughly explained the requirements for enhanced CPD, it now makes much more sense. Also explains the CPD pro app I feel I have a better understanding of how to use it

emma bruton

23rd Jun 2019

was very challenging but very very useful

Martin Docking

23rd Jun 2019


Geraldine Mullins

23rd Jan 2019

Very good . Could understand very well . 

Adeola Adele

21st Jan 2019

Very Educative,  learnt so much,  l will be recommending it to others 

Heather Latham

17th Jan 2019

revisited and reinforced existing knowledge and affirmed requirements for Enhanced CPD

Saiqa Qulzam

25th Dec 2018

Great insight to the new CPD and PDP. Has made it easy to know how to achieve the GDC requirements. 

Nishan Dixit

14th Dec 2018

Good insight into the new cpd

Sara Ortiz Ortiz

9th Dec 2018

Useful course to understand the Enhanced CDP scheme

Liam Wilson

7th Dec 2018

Concise and to the point

Megan Thomas

4th Dec 2018


Moyra Wilkinson

3rd Dec 2018

This explains the confusing new rules

Nicola Park

1st Dec 2018

This will help me record and complete my cpd 

Andrea Cellini

29th Nov 2018

very good end explicative

Jacobus Jordaan

29th Nov 2018

If for any reason you need to interrupt the course you have to start at the beginning again. 

Elizabeth Blignaut

25th Nov 2018

Very informative about enhanced CPD

Pamela Coates

21st Nov 2018

Helpful, concise review of the recent changes and motivation to get started with the necessary record keeping

Rachael Scott

10th Nov 2018

Very thorough and helpful slightly wordy

Amanda Tucker

19th Oct 2018

Put into categories which were clear and concise

Kerry Davies

18th Oct 2018

Brilliant course to get the most out of Enhanced CPD

Judith Peirson-Webber

7th Oct 2018

Excellent introduction to the new enhanced CPD criteria

Claire Ireland

24th Sep 2018

Very interesting I read the new guidelines and how it affects our CPD 

Jacqueline Laverty

14th Sep 2018

A lot of information but it gave me the correct information to help me understand the new CPD requirements 

Deana Walker

10th Sep 2018

very helpful course a lot to take in but will be very useful

Julie Richardson

9th Sep 2018

I found this course very helpful as I am very confused and unsure about ECPD.and PDP's in general. I found the course quite difficult and had to concentrate very hard in order to pass the questionaire at the end but I see things a little clearer now and feel that I have made a start in accomplishing what is required of me as a Dental Nurse in this new cycle.

Gail Hawley

6th Sep 2018

Very Comprehensive course, this has helped me understand the changes to cpd.

Kirsty Everest

5th Sep 2018

Very informative and interesting course

Madeleine Clarke

4th Sep 2018


Paula Ellison

31st Aug 2018

A good informative course. It has given me a good understanding of what’s involved n the cpd regulations.

Maria Madden

28th Aug 2018

improved my knowledge as to how i am to apply and continue with my enhanced cpd

Leanne Richards

20th Aug 2018

Very useful information to start on new cpd pathway 

Deborah Marten

8th Aug 2018

very informative

Sharon Mead

3rd Aug 2018

very interesting course

Alison Chaplin

1st Aug 2018

Very useful 

Claire Rayner

1st Aug 2018

Lit's of detail on Enhanced CPD however very "wordy" in places
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