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Enhanced CPD Course

9 Medical Emergencies

  • Online Learning
  • Multi-choice quiz



CPD Topics covered

  • Medical Emergencies

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to teach the learner:

  • theoretical knowledge to be able to recognise and treat the nine common medical emergencies.

Anticipated Outcomes

Following the completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Recognise and treat Adrenal Insufficiency
  • Recognise and treat Anaphylaxis
  • Recognise and treat Angina Pectoris
  • Recognise and treat Asthma
  • Recognise and treat Choking
  • Recognise and treat Syncope
  • Recognise and treat Myocardial Infarction
  • Recognise and treat Hypoglycaemia
  • Recognise and treat Seizure
Target Audience
  1. Clinical Dental Technician
  2. DCP
  3. Dental Hygienist
  4. Practice Manager
  5. Trainee
  6. Dental Nurse
  7. Dental Technician
  8. Dental Therapist
  9. Dentist
  10. Orthodontic Therapist
  11. Receptionist
High Level Learning Outcomes
  1. C – Maintenance in Field of Practice
Regulatory Standards
  1. SAFE
QCF Level
Level 3
  1. None

About the Instructor

Jon Kyle Andersen

Verified Instructor



Advanced Exercise Referral Instructor


Aircrew Paramedic

Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist


  • 2000-2016 - Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist


Abdul Rahman

28th Apr 2020

concise and informative

Helen Miller

3rd Apr 2020

The video demonstrations were really good, made it more memorable.

Julie-Ann Pawley

2nd Sep 2019

good to refresh your medical emergency knowledge 

Jade Stibbs

24th Aug 2019

Easy to understand and a good way of topping up pre-existing knowledge 

Lydia Roulston

20th Apr 2019

Some answers weren’t in the text so tricky to guess esp when questions involved percentages 

Emilia Bacakova

29th Jan 2019

very informative, clear 

Ashleigh Young

11th Jan 2019

Very informative for refreshing knowledgeable 

Jacobus Jordaan

29th Nov 2018

Close call. 

Joanne Kelly

11th Nov 2018

Very useful and succinct reminder of the presentation and treatment of the most likely dental medical emergencies 

Lindsey Hill

3rd Nov 2018

A course which is well explained. The quiz however made me think very carefully as the multiple answers were very close.

Matthew Millican

16th Sep 2018

A couple of questions were poorly written/vague/sensitive 

Michael Habisreutinger

13th Sep 2018

quick to do, straightforward and informative.

Fay Walters

18th Aug 2018

The question and answers are very very sensitive. It was a very easy revision course but tricky to pass....

John Turner

16th Aug 2018

a challenging and proactive course

Woo Chung

15th Aug 2018

Trucky but keeps you revising

Santiago Oliver Chamorro

15th Aug 2018

A very good and organized lecture that covers most of the likely emergency that could happens anytime in a daily general practice.

Michael King

8th Aug 2018

explanation of the correct answers would be appreciated

Deborah Marten

8th Aug 2018

I enjoyed the course and the video demonstrations.
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